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Last Thursday the 21st our class took a little field trip to Whidbey Island and had what I like to call a “Photo Therapy Day”. A relaxing day where there aren’t any rules or regulations, you just shoot for the fun of it.

ErinSegale_2014_jyd ErinSegale_2014_untitled-2 ErinSegale_2014_untitled1ErinSegale_2014_untitled-3 ErinSegale_2014_untitled-4 ErinSegale_2014_untitled

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Hurrell Assignment

ErinSegale_2014_untitled-2 ErinSegale_2014_untitled

I think I’m leaning towards the color image. It will be viewed in black and white by my instructor, but when I print I think I’ll go with the colored.

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Clear Glass Assignemnt


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Video Project

 Cory Foster playing Woody Allen. Audio assignment for our New Media class. This audio was recorded at a normal level.

&nbsp this one was recorded with low volume. Had to try and make it louder
 Rachel, recorded high, tried bringing it down to a normal level

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Portfolio shot # 2


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chinesedragonI can’t wait!

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