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The Unknown Art

The art of Reverse Glass Gilding is an art form not commonly recognized. If you have spent time in bars you’ve seen it, but probably never recognized it for what it is.
Those mirrors normally advertising beer, they’re shinny and really cool looking, I bet you had no idea what went into making that pretty shinny mirror. It is actually a rather grueling yet rewarding process known as revers glass or gilding. (more…)


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Banner ads

This wasn’t the easiest project because of the images from google. Unfortunately some are a bit pixilated, however I think the over all turned out pretty well. This was a fun project as well for me because I love cutting and pasting images together in photoshop. Between all three ads I used 18 different photos found on Google search.This is what it would look like if on The Stranger! (more…)

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Here are just a few blogs that I like, Iv’e never really followed blogs before except for this first one. This blog is called Hyperbole and a Half. It’s a comical blog written by Allie Brosch, she even does all of the drawings for it. This blog is very funny and if you haven’t checked it out you should. My favorite is the Sneaky-Hate-Spiral.


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On Friday, September 28th I had the pleasure of interviewing Josie Olney for a half hour and had a wonderful time. If you haven’t met Josie, you need to; Josie is a very pleasant person and extremely talented artist. She is twenty-one years old and was born and raised in Seattle on Phinney Ridge. Growing up in Seattle definitely influenced the artistic side of Josie, while helping her to become a well rounded and cultured person. (more…)

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